lifeboats and Rescue Boatslifeboats and Rescue Boats

Traveling in a sea filled with many hardships and distress can lead to health issues like exhaustion, stress, and fatigue. This process has some boundaries and a set of rules. If not adequately followed, such practices can come back to bite you. Traveling into the waters does not mean that it will always turn out to be one hectic and troublesome journey. It has its charms, and according to many, the sights sea traveling provides are compelling.

In chaotic situations where both the passengers and the crew have no idea what to do, the safety equipment provided by marine services comes in handy. The passengers are willing to believe whatever advice they might receive on board. Such safety equipment is designed to benefit everyone on board. Safety equipment might include lifeboats, fire fighting appliances, first aid kits, and much more.

1. How do marine accidents occur?

The accidents can occur due to multiple reasons, with the major one being the ship traveling on an off-track route. Fire eruptions and malfunctions carried out by an exhausted crew are also major reasons for such accidents. However, the latter two are solvable through fire-fighting appliances and a highly skilled and energetic workforce. There is a significant difference between lifeboats and rescue boats, but they provide a safer environment.

Such incidents, however, bring in the concept of various other and advanced safety equipment and tools. Among such tools and equipment, lifeboats and rescue boats are still present, even though there is a massive difference between lifeboats and rescue boats. Many marine services avoid using old and obsolete safety or testing kits and equipment, but these two old safety boats are hard to ignore. Therefore, the demand for these two items keeps on increasing with every new shipping company’s existence. 

2. Difference between lifeboats and rescue boats:

Many people have this misconception of merging the two terminologies. People tend to mix the two and consider them the same, while there is a huge difference between lifeboats and rescue boats. Let’s learn in detail about the two categories of safety boats and what they bring to the table.

3. Lifeboats- the difference between lifeboats and rescue boats

Lifeboats are used for survival. These survival crafts provide aid to the ones who become prey to the deadly oceans. They have life-saving equipment like first aid kits, inflatable tubes, safety jackets, and much more, and have food supplies. The ration packets come in handy as the ones at risk of losing their lives can reduce their hunger to some extent. Unfortunately, most passengers and crew members abandon the ship caused by accident to be safe and secure in these lifeboats.

While abandoning the ship that faced the oceans’ wrath, the passengers and crew do not know how they will survive. Yet, they keep focusing on straying the lifeboat away from the wreckage of the already sunken ship. These lifeboats, designed with much space to shelter, food supplies to eat, and blankets to keep warm, prove to be life-saving at all times.

4. Rescue boats- the difference between lifeboats and rescue boats

Rescue boats, unlike lifeboats, are a bit different as the use of these rescue boats is to help the struggling ones from the oceans. Rescue boats usually contain every safety equipment possible. The difference is that it does not include kits for survival purposes. These rescue boats carry the ones abandoning their vessels because of any particular accident and make sure to drop them at a safe location. These boats are not designed to stay in the oceans for an extended period of time, unlike lifeboats.

5. Difference of equipment

5.1 Lifeboat equipment:

Lifeboat contains items used in survival. They come in handy while traveling in deadly seas and the dangers surrounded them. A lifeboat generally has first aid kits, oars, food and water supplies, flare guns, smoke equipment. In addition to these, many modern lifeboats contain emergency positioning radios and radar reflectors.

The critical difference between lifeboats and rescue boats is that lifeboats contain food supplies that serve to be very handy while trapped in a sea. For a long-distance survival run, people can adjust to these lifeboats quite easily.

5.2 Lifeboat equipment includes:

  • Emergency blankets
  • Food and water supplies
  • Life vests
  • Sufficient number of oars for calm seas
  • Survival manual
  • Signals for daylight
  • Fishing equipment
  • Tools for any adjustments

5.3 Rescue boat equipment

Rescue boats contain much medical equipment as compared to genuine lifeboats. These medical kits and equipment include oxygen masks, water helmets, shock-absorbing stretcher support, and much more. The use of such medical equipment creates the difference between lifeboats and rescue boats. These rescue boats include other helpful items as well that may include:

  • Sar surface harness to safely carry passengers into the rescue boats
  • Long-range lights
  • Survival vests
  • CO2 cylinders
  • Boat seat belts
  • Rescue reel and frame
  • Survival knives
  • Fog safety glasses
  • Swimmer gear bag

5.4 Can a lifeboat be turned into a rescue boat?

A lifeboat is a much more advanced version of a rescue boat. This advanced version, at times, can also be used as a rescue boat with a few changes. The fundamental aspects of a lifeboat are the same as a rescue boat. Lifeboats consist of many survival pieces of equipment that create a vast difference between lifeboats and rescue boats. If lifeboats comply with all the requirements of a rescue boat, then these boats can quickly transform into rescue boats.

6 Requirements for a lifeboat to transform into a rescue boat

Requirements that lifeboat needs to eliminate the difference between lifeboats and rescue boats are not too many. This difference between lifeboats and rescue boats is generally because of the supplies and equipment they offer. Transforming lifeboats into rescue boats requires the exact medical equipment needs as that of a rescue boat. From stretchers to oxygen masks to safety gloves and all other medical tools should also be included in a lifeboat.

Both boats ensure safety, and proper implementation of their supplies and equipment will lead to saving lives. The difference between lifeboats and rescue boats might be a considerable one, but it does not change the fact that they work for the sole purpose of saving lives. Fremont marine provides professional Calibration Services, Safety Equipment Supply, and other marine services in UAE.

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