How To Write Engaging Content?How To Write Engaging Content?

1. What is good Content?

You often end up being someone you never thought of becoming. I don’t know about you but that’s the case with me. Do I always want to be a writer? Umm, I guess no! Maybe I was born a writer but did not know it. Some people learn to write and then there are these specific people who write to learn and to tell a story that might change perspectives.

There is no hard and fast rule to create good content. If you are a good researcher who has a vast vocabulary with a passion for writing then you can easily write engaging content. But keep one thing in your mind always, readers don’t read boring content! So you might have to be a little interesting too. But that’s not hard, is that?

In this blog, I will tell you how you can write engaging content even if you are a beginner. You have to start from somewhere at least!

2. How often should you write?

Let’s be honest here. I might be a professional writer but still, sometimes I don’t feel like writing at all. And that, my friend, is not a wise thing to do especially if you write to earn! But for freelancers, things are quite easy because they write by choice and they don’t have to follow commands on a daily basis.

So if you are a beginner, who writes to learn, I’ll suggest you write 500 to 800 words a day. At least generate one article per day. If you start writing lengthy content from the beginning, you may lose interest.

3. Anyone can be a writer

Once a wise man named Gusteau from Ratatouille said: “Anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great”? I second him by all means. The same is the case with being a writer. Anyone can write that is not a big deal, the deal is if you are willing to write something that can make a difference.

Are you willing to take criticism in order to get better? If yes then welcome on board! So next time when someone says, you can’t be a writer, tell them this!

4. Tips and tricks to write engaging content

It’s time to move forward and check out these tips and tricks to write engaging content! Because it’s the practice that makes you perfect! Keep practicing these tricks and you will become a good writer in no time! 

4.1 Start with research

Becoming a writer comes with so many responsibilities and one of them is being a good researcher. How come you write anything you have no knowledge of? Therefore you may need to develop a habit of researching. Now you might ask, what exactly should you research? Well, that depends on the niche you are trying to conquer.

You should never write about something with less knowledge because as they say; less knowledge is a dangerous thing!

4.2 Use good sources

When you research something make sure you are getting the right information from an authentic source because everything on the internet is not true. So you have to be careful in this area. Always use great and authentic sources when you write engaging content.

And the good thing about this is that your audience and readers like it when you provide them with a great source even if you are just adding a random quote!

4.3 Grab the attention by eye-catching headings

Now here’s the thing! You should always create headings or topics that are eye-catching otherwise your content might get unseen. Suppose you have written an amazing piece of the article but it gets unnoticed just because you forgot to write headings. 

Headings make it easy to understand what is hiding underneath. And when you write something make sure you add a heading. It also helps you to keep a track of your content and it is the focal point of your blog or article!

4.4 Know the right keyword

Keywords are a big help when it comes to increasing search engine ranking. Other than that it helps you to stay on track and avoid distraction. With the right keywords, you can write more engaging content.

4.5 Learn to be a storyteller

Remember when our parents used to read us bedtime stories? Good old times. That’s how you develop a habit of storytelling. But would it be helpful if your story does not have consistency? No. storytelling is an art. You can be a born artist but you can only develop this talent with learning, interest, practice, and consistency!

Be a good storyteller because people like it when they get to read a good story even if they are reading technical content which is usually boring but if you have the ability to make boring articles interesting then you are on roll, my friend!

4.6 Know your audience

Half of your work will be done if you know your audience well. You should always know what your audience wants to read. It can be anything. They might want to read some entertainment news, arts and literature. Whatever it is, it’s better to have a little knowledge about everything.

It helps you to write about different niches. Don’t be that writer who expertise only in a specific area because knowledge is wisdom! That’s how you end up being someone who writes to learn!

4.7 Avoid unnecessary details

If you can sum up everything in a simple but short article then you don’t need to make it lengthy. Avoid unnecessary details because no one reads them. And I am saying this from the perspective of a reader. A reader does not like to read unnecessary details!

4.8 Less is new more

If you can sum up everything in a simple but short article then you don’t need to make it lengthy. Avoid unnecessary details because no one reads them. And I am saying this from the perspective of a reader. A reader does not like to read unnecessary details!

4.9 Less is new more

When you stop stuffing your content with details that are not needed it will become a simple but concise piece of writing and everyone loves to read something that is not lengthy but easily covers all the important details. That’s how the phrase, ‘less is new more’ came out

4.10 Be original

I have said this many times and I will say this again, you don’t need to copy anyone’s style! Be as much original as you can be because people like originality. You can admire someone’s writing style, you can read what they have written but there is no need to copy them or their work at all!

4.11 Don’t be boring

I think I have already mentioned this point indirectly but just to make it sure, Don’t be boring. Use facts and figures, quotes, research, maybe a little humor. But make it interesting otherwise it will be just another regular article.

4.12 Consistency is the key

You may find it hard to be consistent while writing an article and there’s one thing you can do to avoid inconsistency. Take breaks in between. Don’t try to write continuously because it will not only affect your physical health but only your writing ability!

4.13 Do not copy or plagiarize

If you think you’ll plagiarize someone’s work and get away with it then let me pop up your bubble of imagination. This is the age of technology and you can not scam anyone. Plus it is also unethical to copy someone’s work. You can read their writings just to get ideas but don’t try to steal or copy someone’s work. You will be caught!

4.14 Use graphics

If you can’t say something, use graphics! If you can’t convey your message, use graphics! The graphic is the best thing to add in content! It makes your writing more interesting and it also looks good!

4.15 Add pointers

If you don’t want to exceed the word limit then you should add some pointers in your content! Pointers help you to be concise. I could have written everything in pointers but because I am creating a guide for beginners it is okay for me!

4.16 Ask questions

Never stop asking questions! Because that’s how you engage your audience. You ask them questions and they answer you. It shows your article or content is getting attention and not getting noticed. 

Last but not least. Don’t forget to conclude whatever you write so far. Because sometimes people just read conclusions or final thoughts!

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